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15" Or 17" Powerbook


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Some of you have read that I'm going to switch to OS X. I almost got the 17" but decided to wait for the announcement at Paris. Now I'm in a predicament.

Which should I get? The 15" or the 17" Powerbook? Some say that the 15" screen is much brilliant than the 17"... is this true?

I just want to hear the pros and cons. Especially from those who have heard first hand, the experiences of the new Powerbook line owners.


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brilliant meaning more colors? no. Get 17 inch widescreen if you can afford it. Its so much better then 15 inch i seen it. More Desktop Space and doesn't weign a lot more then the 17 inch. Its simply a matter of money. People say 15inch is better cuz it costs more. More sales are on 15 inch because it costs less. But if you are going for beauty go for the 17 inch. if you buy a 15 then this chance might never happen. If your going high (meaning a mac powerbook) go as high as you can.

In my opinion get the 17, got same resolution and refresh rate then 15 inch if not better. ;)

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the 17" is DEFINITELY better. That's a no-brainer. More screen area, wider screen, faster processor..

However, if portability is absolutely crucial, then get the 15", since you won't be missing out too much (only the screen size and a few hundred MHz).

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i agree with taha completely...if you are using it as a desktop replacement, 17" is the way to go...but if you actually like the portability (and might use it), the higher end 15" is the better choice

if you have an apple store near you, try to stop by before making your decision, because the 17" is really much bigger than you expect....but its still a %&*#ing nice machine :bow:

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Interestingly enough, I saw both machines side by side at the Paris Expo yesterday. I briefly got my hands on both, although was ushered away before being able to test performance etc.

Side-by-side, the 15" is swamped by the 17". It's more pronounced than you'd imagine. Bearing in mind that I'm used to a 12" iBook screen, I actually used the 15" screen and thought "This is small". It is a very nice machine, definitely more portable than I thought it would be. To my surprise too, it was also not hot to touch, like the old 12" was.

But for that money, I shouldn't be left thinking what I did, which was that the screen wasn't that big. I mean it's a 2000€-3000€ computer - and it didn't offer me that much more screen-wise than my iBook (correct me if I'm wrong, but the 15" is a 1280x864 resolution isn't it? That's say 10% more than my iBook.). Ergo I was left mildly disappointed by it. Perhaps I was expecting too much, which Steve's Keynotes tend to make one do.

I tried the 17" after the 15", incidentally. Now that is a truly beautiful machine. It's absurd, it's stupid, it's frankly unnecessarily large.

But you know what? I want one. :lol: If you're looking for a large-screen laptop, and the budget does not matter, the 17" is the one. If you're thinking about the 15", then be sure to have a go on one first - I'd hate for you to feel it isn't quite what you expected screen-wise.

I'm sure, it must be said, that the 15" is a fantastic notebook computer, but if you're thinking about getting it purely because of the larger screen, I'd recommend you maybe give it a little more thought before taking the plunge. :)

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my brother was planning to get the 17". I'm for it too.

I was inciting him constantly - 17".. 17"..

so he was convinced and even surpassed my love towards it, praising it constantly.

Untill the BOOM came.

We havent noticed they were over $3200.

So... 15.2" it is. You get pretty much all the same things (and 1 or two dropped "luxurious" features), longer battary life, and pretty much decent size monitor (bigger than what i have on my iMac G3) (regardless you can span it to a 23" screen just like you could with the 12" one.

those extra $600-800 are sooooo depressing.. so yeah i dont see any reason to get the 17" unless you REALLY CAN SPARE THAT MONEY.

Of course, i'd love to have one.

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To be quite honest, I, a university student, would prefer the 12" or 15" PowerBook because it would be more convenient for me. Also, I always carry my iBook around, and I wouldn't want to be restricted the freedom to do so by its size.

However, if that is not a problem for you, and neither is the extra $$$, then get the 17" model. :)

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after seeing the entire apple portable line... (iBooks and pBooks), and waiting almost a whole year, last friday i ordered one of the new 17"... see, i do lots of photoshop and video editing, and the eextra realestate screen space is a must...

before seeeing the 17" pBook i saw the 17" iMac, and while being impressed by the screen size, it didn't seemed that big at all... later i saw a pBook and the screensize was just perfect...

now, performace wise... this machine RULES!!!

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Originally posted by H4rM@Sep 21 2003, 03:56 PM

I paid 2989.00 for my 17", get it from Amazon.com

Brand new in the box, their pricing goes up and down week to week.. I carry my 17 Powerbook daily, its not heavy or awkward at all for me. I take it to work daily.

Thats assuming you buy directly from Apple® - in your case you got lucked out.

add 500 and then you'll suddenly see the dilema. My brother could barely add more than $2600.

so I'm just sharing my experience with these machines. Size is just like a BIG, though 1" thin book, weights like a light school bag so yeah i'd definitely go for it - If I had the budget.

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