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Mac Os X Lion Skin For Windows 7

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First of all, sorry about my bad english :mellow:

So, a few years ago, when i used Windows XP, i used to skin it, the Mac OS X Tiger skin for WindowBlinds by Steve Grenier, that i think is the best OS X skin for Windows XP.

But now i'm on Windows 7 and i want to mod it to look like Snow Leopard/Lion, and i didn't found a good OS X skin for it, the best i found is the one maid by sagorpirbd. The overall skin is awesome, but the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons, the scroll bars and the normal buttons are a quite clumsy and it degenerates a lot the look of the theme.

So i wanna know if does anybody knows if there's a skin with the high fidelity like Steve Grenier's one, but for Windows 7 and like Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion.

Thanks a lot ;)

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