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Mfplat.dll Error


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Hi there!

I'm running Xwindows dock on W7 Ultimate N and had a bad issue with the dock v.

When I click on the container from the plugin manager window I am able to ad the container to the dock, but when I click on it windows tells me that a file called MFPlat.dll is missing from my notebook and the animation of the container crashes.

I googled a bit on this file called MFPlat.dll and found that this file is missing on 'N' versions of w7. This file is normally brought in the pc when Windows media player and windows media center are regulary installed. On a topic of microsoft's site there is a users that says that the MFPlat.dll can be replaced by installing the Media Feature Pack. (---> only for genuine copies of w7...).

This is the link to the discussion: http://social.msdn.m...c-ec41be274c74/

This is the link to the media feature pack: http://www.microsoft...ang=en&id=16546

Was this issue a problem for other users of the Xwindows dock?

Do you know how to solve this problem by not installing any s*it*y things of microsoft?

Thank you anyway!

p.s.: I've uploaded a screenshot. It's in Italian and the window says: ''It's impossible to start the program because MFPlat.dll is missing from your notebook. To solve the problem, try installing again the program.''


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