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Objectdock V 0.70 Bugs


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The thread for Objectdock bugs of previous versions is too long and reports may now get lost and some have been fixed. For this purpose I started a new thread to post bugs with Objectdock v0.70 and above.

Bugs that are still present in version v0.70 and new bugs:

1. Still pasting a LINK to the icon configuration window takes either over 30sec to a full minute and sometimes it crashes Objectdock v.7. :angry:

2. Draging and dropping a folder or a drive icon works fine but when you try to select a new image for that icon Objectdock crashes :angry:

3. Cosmetic suggestion: Clock hands are too narrow and need to be thicker 2-3 pixels.

If these 2 bugs are not present in your machine please do not post that and consider yourself lucky based on your platform, but these bugs are present on my machine consistently and my PC GUI is not modified or has any special configuration. It is a standard high end PC with very common components (NVidia GeForce3Ti, Pentium4 2GHz,ASUS motherboard, WinXP-Pro). Both of these bugs are serious major bugs that impacts the usage and acceptability of this dock. I'm sure that Jeff and others at Stardock are working on them and have been very responsive to users. The several releases/updates testifies to their work and effort to help quench all bugs. It is just important to report that some bugs are still present and some others may surface.

I am happy to be able to confirm:

Bugs that have been fixed is the ability for icons to move aside when another is inserted and the termination of Objectdock on turning the WindowsOS off

/restart -- (both major bugs in v 0.65) --

Please post your bugs here.

Thanks for your continue hard work :)

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I noticed that some times (actually often) ... the icons get stuck when maximized

it happenes also when I maximize an icon and put the tip of the mouse pointer to the very top middle of the icon and raise it very slowly .. the icon gets stuck ...

I've witnesed it only in versions .65 and .70

I hope it is easily fixed

thank you and good luck

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I posted this to the other thread, but I'll post here again.

Two bugs:

1) The magification effect kind of "skips" along when the mouse is moved quickly across the dock. Y'z and Moby's docks don't do this. The "Jump but fast" option prevents this, but is too, well, jumpy.

2) When using the Auto-hide option (mine is set at Re-show smoothly), the background image has a break in it on the left side when it re-shows. Since this is hard to explain, I'll just post a screenshot:


See the left side? That happens as soon as the dock emerges from being hidden. After I roll the mouse over the area and back, it turns back to normal.

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Hi I don't know if anyone else is having this problem (please speakout if so) but sometimes when I click on an ICON the bounce is superfast then when I move the cursor away is moves back to normal speed. The only difference I would have is that I run an animated jaguar cursor when the machine is "busy" please let me know Thanks..

Also when you minimzie a window in IE it's a 50/50 chance that it will accually show the screen shot on the dock.. half the time it just remains a blue e .

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Bug report in ObjectDock 0.7

This version works approximatively fine on my computer, but some bugs occured:

- Cannot drag a new shortcut to the dock or move one in other part of the dock untill the "tasks section" is not active (to left or to right, doesn't matter);

- Sometimes the objects remains "magnificated" after I leave the dock with the mouse pointer - a new mouse pointage solves the situation;

- The trash continues to not change its aspect when is full;

- The 'autohide' effect is verry good, but it is not a possibility to set the time till the dock will be hide (I don't know if in real OSX, the dock can be autohide after a preselected time);

- The dock dissapears during the WindoFX 2 transition effects;

I mention, this version no crashes on my computer.

Good features:

- The possibility to select multiple backgrounds and to set the transparency;

- The bouncing effect are more accurate;

- The 'autohide' facility, with an avesome effect;

- The icons shows more accurate, even in magnification state;

- The 'allways on top' bug (only some icons are on the top, when a window are opened) appears to be fixed. :ph34r:

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If you add a new shortcut, at first you can rename it fine. If you close objectdock and reopen it, the icon is renamed back to the default. I tried this with other new ones with the same result. However, I tried renaming an existing one, closed, opened, and there was no problem.

Edit: I think i found the problem. It only did this if you left the icon at the default one.

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My laptop has a bug that changes the resolution at startup, so I'm prolly the only one that has seen this bug. When my computer starts up, it goes to 640x480, so when I change it to 800x600, it still acts as if its 640x480.

Also is it possible for it to recognize the taskbar (for those who still show it). That way the dock seems centered better when on the left or the right. Maybe make it an option or something.


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This version v.70 may be less friendly to video games. I could use v .65 with no video interference on MS Age of Empires but v .70 does interfere , colors fall off (may be due to more memory requirements). I assume more recent or newer games may be even more affected.

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why we still can't drag documents to app icons? strange ..found that i can drag something to the trash can ..

anyway this is the best pc dock for now, unlike previous version now i use it everytime.

btw> OD crash when i try to min winamp3.

and i am still waiting for these features:

1; minimized only windows on taskbar area

2; Triangle notch to identify running apps

3; app icon show up instantly (if not yet already on the dock, or else triangle notch will show and in either case icons will bounce) when we launch it.

4; able to drag documents to taskbar area, click on it will open the doc and app icon wil show up in app dock area.

Jeff, please consider to add options to split the dock. and we can freely set where each the dock will be placed.

:blink: to many request? maybe should i just switch to mac?...HAHA..

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