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Help, Icons Not Showing And Applications Not Starting In Dock


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I recenty installed the newest version of the xwindows dock, and it was "fine" until I turned off my laptop (running win7 64bit). After the restart not only do the icons not show in the dock - leaving those default blank sheet there only - they won't even start the application. What could have caused this? And how to fix it? It's rather irritating. Also, if I don't find a solution to this problem soon - as in a matter of a day - gonna get a different dock or revert back to good ol' desktop icons (at least those work).

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Im no expert but it could be another program's fault, i get problems when i use stacks/container because i used iconpacker to get mac icons, when i add a few shortcuts to a folder and set the stack/container to that folder some icons appear with the default icon and some dont open and instead i get an error :/ this happens in other docks aswell. i only wish there was a way to edit the shorcuts in stacks/container with the dock.


I haven't had any problems yet, i just searched in start menu to find a program and then open location in explorer, then drag the exe into the dock.

Hope i helped!, even though i was a bit vague :)

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