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Why Doesn't Safari Launch In Maximum Window ?

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  • 5 months later...

I see that no one has replied, because no one cares, people rarely like helping.. <_<

349 Views and out of those 349 I bet 30% knew the reason why, but they were too lazy to answer -_-

However I will gladly give a helping hand! ;)

First off, this is not a bug. If you are using Windows 7, W7 sometimes fails to remember the last position and last size of a window. And since Xwindows Dock is intertwined with Explorer.exe, it will gladly catch the cold.

If you want to fix this directly, that would be illegal, since the only direct way to fix this would be to alter Xwindows Dock exe itself

Luckily, I've found a way to save the last position & size, not only for XWD, but for all applications, in other words, you are

killing Multple birds with just one stone! with AutoHotkey! ;)

If you are interested, Reply to me, and I will message you the Private source code for my Script. :lol:

Or if you want something more professional, Google "Desksoft window Manager" however be prepared to loose a couple megabytes of ram when the App is running! ;)

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