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Ip.chat Problem

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Maybe you guys can help - bought/downloaded the skin, installed, figured out the user agent problem, so now everybody is able to view the skin.

The only problem is that IP.Chat only works on one platform at the moment (webOS, what I use) but iOS, Android and BB users are stuck at the chat rules section. They click "I agree" and nothing happens. With webOS, I agree to the rules, and then I have to refresh the window for chat to pop up. I can't even get IP.Chat to open using the mobile skin on my laptop (Firefox for Mac)

While in chat, I do not have the ability to create a private chat session, but can receive them if someone initiates the private chat.

Have any of you users seen this, and if so, what is the way to fix it?

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What version of chat are you using? I've tested chat only on iOS (iPhone) and Android. Both seem to work fine.

As for starting a private chat, that was not something I was able to get working. But if someone does initiate one with you, It'll work.

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One of my users found a workaround - they go to the Agreement page, switch to desktop version, then they are able to log into the chat room. From there, they switch back to Mobile, but it takes them to the Agreement page. But they hit Back and the chat room appears in the Mobile skin.

tested out w Android and iOS, and it indeed works. However, I'd rather not have them go through that every time.

think there's a problem with the link structure in the mobile skin template...

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I got it to work -

Even though I never touched the chat templates, I went to the chat_rules template in your skin and compared the differences. There was a bit more code in the original script and I went ahead and reverted to original and while the layout for the chat rules page is a bit off, it works.

Thank you for your patience!

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