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Rk Laucher Won't Install


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What OS are you using?

Have you ensured that all the contents of the zip file are in the same folder. Also can you see if RKL is running in the system processes?

Oh wow, yes, RKL.exe is running in the background but I don't see it anywhere. All contents are in the same folder and I am using XP Pro, Service Pack 3.


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Ok, can you check the .conf files, which are created when the application is loaded, just wanted to make sure it's being updated.

Next have you check around the edge of the screen, in xase it's gone into auto-hide.

Do you have more than one monitor?

Another thing to try, if you have another PC, move the RLK folder to a USB drive, run the application from there. RKL is a portable app so it will run without installing anything.

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