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No Animation At Xwindows Dock 5.6


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In the past I used Stardock as Application Launcher. Then I explored XWindows Dock and liked it's folder and popup

function. I would like to use it furthermore but there are several problems : (

- There's No Hoover effect anymore. When I go over the dock wiht my mouse there's no icon getting bigger anymore

- The dock doesn't come into the front wheny I'm moving my mouse to the bottom off the screen

- The titles/labels of the icons aren't shown anymore

All of that only works sometimes but mostly not. I don't know which programs should get in conflict with the dock.

I themed my windows, using rainmeter and diashow as wallpaper but I already saw the dock working nevertheless with

that changes. Even Reboots didn't get the dock to animation again : (

Please help!!!!

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Right Click on Desktop - >> personalize --->> desktop background -->>select ONLY one wallpaper

Go into task manager and restart Explorer.exe

go to dock preferences, make sure that the "magnify icons when hovered" is larger in pixels than Icon size

Feels weird, something is missing? Google Multiple wallpaper changer :P

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