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How To Recover Data After A Virus?

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My labtop was infected by a trojan virus i was not able to restore from an earlier setting. I did get rid of the virus and reinstalled windows vista but now i want to recover my word documents and pictures and other programs but i do not know how. How can i recover all my data?

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thats assuming that you actually created a new partition when you install vista again...

also if you maybe deleted a file after throwing it to the trash then emptying it...the only way of you recovering that file is if you had a backup under the backup partition or in your temp. folder.

but there is no way of ever recovering the data after re-installing and maybe formatting your drive...its just false advertisement...I just recommend

using Microsoft new : anti-virus software called "Microsoft Security Essentials" which is actually great updated everyday. with real time protection.assuming you have a genuine copy of windows. and its free

maybe scanning your system for Spyware,adware use "Malware-Bytes"...

highly recommend other antivirus' which are free software like Avast(free version) Avg(free)

not [norton or trend-micro] which actually clog up your drive and make you OS seem slower.

recommend you to scan regularly and play it safe man...if you know your downloading a bunch of stuff from sharing-sites.torrents or what ever play it safe man learn to know how to fix your things/mistakes in real-time.:)

any question care to send me a email at:

[email protected]

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