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Styler Toolbar Crashes ...

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Styler has started giving me problems a few days ago, everytime i open "My PC" the system hangs and all i can do is restart, at first i thought it could be a drivers problem but after trial and error i've found Styler to be the problem, uninstalling it fixes the issue. I'm using latest release 1.401 is there any other program to replace it? i never had any problems with it before, and i don't feel like reinstalling the OS, i'm using XP SP3.

EDIT: So, i did a reinstall with a fresh XP SP3 copy and... to my surprise the problem persists, so now i'm sure it's a Styler poblem with SP3, unless i'm missing something.. i'm only using Findexer and nothing else, when i open "My PC" the system hangs with a "blinking" desktop, so i have to reboot, imediatly after uninstalling Styler, the problem is gone.. it's weird as i don't remember havng any troubles before, been using Styler for about 3 years and never had any problems.

I REALLY need something to skin Explorer's toolbar, any suggestions?

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