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Aqua-Soft Mobile 2 Skin Download [Ipb3.1]

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Thanks so much for the skin. It looks great.

Users on my forum are nonetheless complaining that the skin does not work properly on non-torch blackberries. So now I have to choose whether to route all blackberries to the old version of the mobile skin or all blackberries to the new mobile skin.

Question is:

(1) would it be possible to include support for older BB's as well (such as bold and curve)?

(2) or - as a less favourable alternative - would it be possible to only route torch-blackberries to the new mobile skin and the older blackberries to the old mobile skin?


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Just a status update. Its coming alone nicely, blogs still not finished, but there will be more than just blog support in the next one. Added a nice dark style color, more iPad tweaks. Also the ability to hide the moderation tools so you don't have to view em all the time.

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hello... i want to ask...

i have the ver before this one and its working great for me.. i made my changes and tweaks to it and it took me for ever so to update now would be a pain in the neck ..

i like the color picker and want to give that option to my people..

how and where can i just take that part and where and how to add it to the older ver before this one.?

thanks in advance

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The best thing you can do when you modify the skin, is make the skin you want to use a "Sub-skin" that way it only changes templates of the parent skin (which would be the Aqua-Soft skin with no templates changed)

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So far, I'm comparing this to the new vBulletin 4.0 and the theming seems to be much less of a hassle under vB4 (particularly remaining apparently constant between version udates).

From following your status updates on here, it seems IPB make fundamental changes every time they release another update.

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Yep, I'm scared sh*tless atm as a skinner. They've already confirmed 3.2 will be a skin re-write, which means I have to do the same thing I just did with this version of the skin.

vBulletin 4 is a mess, so I'm not even gonna go there atm.

Then I found a new forum script (from the ex vb dev) called xenForo http://xenforo.com/community/

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Update: 1-13-2011

- Updated misc templates for IPB 3.1.4 support

- Added Blog support

- Added Dark color scheme

- Added Moderation toggle (for those who don't want to see them all the time, it shows up in the staff bar)

- Replaced reply menu with button unless you have extra options (such as ip, delete, edit)

- Misc iPad tweaks

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