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Xmail Error / Mail Docklet For Xwd 2


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Just wondering if anyone has managed to get the xmail docklet in 5.6 to work for gmail recently, or has a mail docklet working on xwd 2.

I used to have xmail working perfectly on 5.6 until one day it just stopped working, giving me a range of error messages depending on which setting I choose (generally socket errors). I seem to be able to get my gmail account to work in object dock checkmail, so not sure what the problem is.

Given that the mail docklet is the only reason I was staying with 5.6 and not upgrading to the new one, has anyone managed to get a mail docklet up and running in the new one?

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I can't even get the mail docklet for 5.6 to work. How did you get it work for your gmail I just get errors?

I used to have it working for gmail, but a few months ago it stopped and I started getting errors.

Not sure what the problem is, I can get gmail to work on objectdock with checkmail docklet, and I can get other imap email accounts to work on 5.6, so I'm not sure what is wrong with it.

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