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Installing X Windows Dock


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Hello there, i'm new here and i want to ask something:

I just downloaded XWindows Dock, then started it but some effects weren't working.

Now i want to learn how to install it properly.

Please help me!


I use Win7 64-bit.


Does anyone know if there is an application to change the border bar (don't know how it's called, i mean that thing to minimize and close tabs)

to the one of Mac OS X?

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well man what do you mean some features dont work in the dock tell me what feature you think are not working b/c its a beta my friend so bobah made it limited with a crazy large amount of features but it those in fact have enough features to get you by...you know...also take a screenshot of what you mean...on the bar for osX...

How to install XWD 2.0.2 :

well just extract the files into any given place

and just double click the application (it has a blue colored icon)...and it starts


also if you ment the indicators don't work when you add a short cut...

well you have to add the actual .exe program file to the doc its self...and ones open the indicator will show

of you want eXpose to work with your open application and see what your using instead of using the hover effects in the superbar...

just press (Alt+Left Click) in the icon with an indicator showing


well add a stack docklet to the dock itself by

(Right Clicking on the dock) and you'll see a context menu pop out and all you do it go up to were it says [Add]

the go a little to the right and you see four different words

My computer

Recycle Bin



click in plugins and a menu pop out and their you go [drag & drop] the docklet

then manage it and add a folder to it

change the shortcuts icon:

by right clicking any icon and go to [properties] right there you can

either [double click] on the icon to get a pop up to fine the icon...

or you can fine the icon first then [drag & drop] the icon on top close the menu and there you go it changes


well those are all your features that you can access very easily...

also if you want themes for the dock go here at my account in Deaviant art...[click here] or one of the group I manage that offers a gallery for the dock as-well [#Windocks]

if that what you meant hopefully it works for you...or if you need other help man just send out a message man...:)also "Bobah13" might update this dock soon...so stay toon

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