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Aqua-Soft Mobile 2 Beta

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Just delete/rename the directory in style_images then import ?


timan can we get the online image over the avatar moved ... Kinda blocks everyones avatars

a button next to user name would be more appropriate

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Its hidden already, should say no permission or whatever.

I mean last post info, you won't be able to access the forum, but you can see the last post when viewing on ipad or iphone with landscape.

I can post a screenshot if you don't know what I mean. How can I hide last post from showing ?

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I've just checked again, and the bits to hide that (for when you don't have permission) are the same as the default ipb skin.

										<if test="hideLastInfo:|:$forum_data['hide_last_info']">
<span class="last-post porthide">{$this->lang->words['f_protected']}</span>
<else />
<span class="last-post porthide">
Last Post:
<if test="$forum_data['last_title']">
<else />

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- Polls now skinned

- Status Updates page skinned

- Misc tweaks/fixes

Note No images were changed, so you do not have to reimport your images.

Next update will finish off the moderation/report center templates.

Thanks Tim, but I am still seeing bugs in these areas that I reported in beta 3 - any progress on these? http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/topic/54113-aqua-soft-mobile-2-beta/page__view__findpost__p__537034

Also I am not seeing the poll as being skinned still, did something not update correctly in the skin when I upgraded?

post-120197-092391700 1282608747_thumb.p

Update: I even re-cached the skin but no luck.

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I can't fix the calendar being cut off, you'll just have to rotate the iphone to see more tabs.

As for polls, I'm not sure why you're not getting the new versions. Can try reimporting and not check upgrade skin.

The avatar one, how do you have your avatar setup on your site? Facebook? Twitter? Gallery avatar? Uploaded? Linked?

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