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I Cannot Launch Programs From The Dock

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ive also encountered this problem but technically i found out the cause and solution... from what ive tried, after putting all desktop icons inside the dock, i tried to delete all other icons on my desktop to make my desktop clean.. still with me? well after that, all icons inside the dock wouldnt work.. it must be something related to linking the dock icons and shortcuts.... you can try putting the shortcuts to the dock directly from the program files folder. i tried and now is working well. hope this helps,

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I am completely new to XWindows Dock, and i have recently downloaded the 2.0.3 version. I have installed it on Windows XP. I went ahead and added all the programs i want to the dock, but only the my computer & recycle bin work. Internet explorer, firefox, excel or any other do not launch at all. Can anyone share a detail step by step on how to get this to work?

Or at the very least point me to some documentation on this...

Thanks a bunch!

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Remember: using W7's Feature of Multiple wallpapers disables many XWD Features.

To free you Dock do the following:

use only one Desktop Wallpaper, do a google search for Multiple wall paper changer and use that instead

go to star task manager and End explorer.exe --->> after go to new task ->>> explorer.exe

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