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I'd like to make 2 suggestions to add to Nexus dock.

It's all about Windows 7. Windows 7 differs from other Windows versions, mainly for the new taskbar, that allows you to make much more things than ever before.

Nexus dock allows us to view opened application/windows in other place of the dock. For a user that it's used to new Window 7 takbar, this behavior is a bit confusing, so it will be better if you can make Nexus behave more similar to Windows 7 taskbar this way:

- When you roll the mouse pointer over the icon of the app opened, it will shows in there the windows preview feature.

- When you open an app, instead of using open indicator triangle / "show open app in dock" option; it will be better if the same icon of the app, shows an open indicator below (only if 1 instance is opened) or show an overlaying little circle with a small number detailing the opened windows too...

That will be great! And, with this features, Nexus will be JUST the BEST DOCK EVER!

Please, see the image as an example.

post-117544-062717100 1277317106_thumb.j

It will be better if both feaures can be configured too by the user:

- Size of Window Preview

- Size of Window Amount indicator, Type of font, size of font, x and y relative position of Window Amount indicator graphic.

I hope this features can be realeased soon!!

I would like to use Nexus, but, without this features, it really canno't compete with the Windows 7 taskbar.

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