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Hello to all, I have been a member in here for more than a year and I silently have been following the development of XWindows Dock. And I must say it was developed really fast and the community contribute a lot supporting the development. Good job BOOBA!


Now XWindows Dock is in a new stage of development. As you can see I am proposing to add a drawer mode to XWindows Dock. I know ObjectDock Plus can do that but paying for something that should be free is not one of my options and/or downloading a crack/using a serial/patch is not legal.

If adding this mode to XWindows Dock can't be possible, I suggest to a developer making a small program with the following features:


-Option to dock to left/right side

-Themes support

-Docklets support

-Stacks support

-Slide out/in effect

-Label support

-Movable up and down

-Option to use custom icons

-Options to choose icon size and space

-An IMPORTANT! one: Multiple Drawers

-And Finally the option to choose custom


Please support this project with anything you can from a comment to a donation to the developer.

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why do you think something like that should be free? as a general concept something that has effort put into it deserves to be recognized and even payed for. it's up to the one who's effort was put there.

it's like if your employer believes your work should be free and not pay your salary cause of that...

if you do feel that is what you want and need, buy object dock plus, or nexus ultimate (id go for nexus as a suggestion)

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Actually, I gotta say, this sounds like an excellent idea, especially if it's just another feature or plug in. Putting tabs on XWD would make it huge competitor against ObjectDock. It already has window reflections which throw it much farther than OD. Taking on of their features and adding it to these is a great idea in my opinion. I would love to see this implemented, either as a new program, or something else.

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