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Safari 5 Issues (Win 7)

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It has definitely been awhile since my last visit here. I thought this would be perfect place for my issue. I downloaded the new Safari 5 recently, and after installing and such. I load it and it loads all the words on the page but does not show any pictures from the sites. Tried Safari 4 again same issue for it. I am using a Compaq with Windows 7 on it. I am using the latest Firefox at the moment. Works perfectly.

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Try this... Get the IP address of the website, type in the IP address and the press [enter]

If the website opens with graphics, it can resolve IP addy but not HTTP addy. Try going into MS-DOS and the typing into DOS Command, flushdns press [enter] and then try the webpsge again HTTP addy.

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I remember encountering an issue similar to this with Safari 4. If I remember correctly, there's an option in the Safari settings that allows you to prevent images from loading on a webpage. I don't know where the option was, but I recommend you look in Safari's settings and see if you notice anything like that. I never enabled it myself in Safari 4, and it might be a bug that it was automatically enabled for you too. Only one way to find out... :P

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