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Apple's Lack Of Updates Is Disappointing.

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I don't think, that they will ever put a camera into the iPod touch. But I am also missing some things like Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6.4 Update and Safari 5. Just a few things, but I am missing more than this. :/

Edit: Okay, just read about the release of Safari 5. With extension support. Thank you Apple!

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Does anyone else feel the same way considering (as far as I know) that they ONLY updated the iPhone? Where's the camera for the iPod Touch? Where's the price drop?

KAWSquared is sadfacing :C

Huh? Apple introduces new iPod updates once a year, EVERY year since 2005. It's always in September, and it will be again this year. No one was expecting an iPod touch update at WWDC...

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