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I asked here and no one replied! BUT luckily I figured it out with a little modification!

I can help you, but your going to need some experience editing skins.

Mine shows the icons and will not change regardless if you have new posts or not and then if you have new posts a small image that says new pops up next to the forum name!


It's something like this

							<li class="arrow {$forum_data['img_new_post']}">							
<a style="background:url({$this->settings['board_url']}/public/style_extra/mobile_icons/{$forum_data['icon']}.png) no-repeat scroll 5px 9px; -webkit- background-size:35px 31px;padding-left:45px" href="{parse url="showforum={$forum_data['id']}" seotitle="{$forum_data['name_seo']}" template="showforum" base="public"}">
<strong>{$forum_data['name']} <if test="unreadicon:|:$forum_data['img_new_post'] != 'f_locked' && strstr( $forum_data['img_new_post'], 'unread' )"><img src="http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/public/style_images/as_temp/f_cat_unread.png"><else /></if></strong><br />

I would need to look at the stock templates and I can figure out what I did exactly.

I'll need board index template and topic view :)


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