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Adjusting Colours And Logo At The Top...

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First of all, this is an AWESOME skin, just what i've been looking for.

I want to adjust the logo at the top so that it doesn't say Aqua-Soft, is that allowed?

Also, wish to adjust the colours slightly to reflect the "orangeness" of the original forum as seen in other browsers. Can I ask for some assistance with that please as i'm a bit of a CSS idiot.

Many thanks!

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To change the colors its rather easy, just open up ipb_style.css under templates (in acp) and all the color stuff is at the very top of the css.

As for the logo, just replace the file and thats it. (of course its allowed :))

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Marvellous, many thanks! After a bit of tinkering it's working brilliantly!

Also (sorry) is there a way I can turn the shoutbox off for users viewing on this skin, or do I need to remove it from the template completely? As it's read only it's kind of pointless having it there really I think.

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