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So i was browsing through DockEx.com, and i found this docklet that makes it so a badge shows up with the number of emails that i have shows up on my email client icon, (i use mozillla thunderbird) and i downloaded it. but it turns out that i didn't see that it doesn't work for rocketdock. is there anyway i can make it work for rocketdock, or is there an equivalent to this for rocketdock?

any help or info would be appreciated!

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I've downloaded your addon Gmail Checker.


I looked several weeks for this kind of addon, so I'm happy to find one that work flawless! (with RocketDock)

I'v got one question:

is it possible, when receiving a new email, that the icon starts with the (bouncing) effect ?!

So that not only the email counter refreshes with his new count but the icon itself starts the animation?

(The animation that is standard available in RocketDock -> bouncing)

Can you let me know if it's possible please?

Anyway...great app !!

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