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How Do You Connect A Laptop To Wireless Internet?

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This is a tough one, mainly due to lack of details. First, do you have a wireless router setup? Are you trying to join an existing wireless network? If you are using Win7 you should see a system tray network icon (just to the left of your date and time on the task bar.) Hover your mouse and read the tool tips to locate the wireless network icon. Single clicking it should show you a list of available networks. Find the one you wish to connect to, make sure you know the password and try to connect to the network. Also, your laptop might have a toggle switch somewhere on it which enables/disables wireless. Check to see that it's enabled.

Hope the above helps. I purchased a new router from Trendnet a few months ago and just sat on it, when it came time to set it up, the day before yesterday, I had some difficulties. I called their phone support number (on their website) and was walked through the process personally by a support guy in India; the free personal support was actually really helpful and top notch. And I came away completely satisfied. The point is, try seeing if there is free setup support on either your laptop, or network router or other..

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Well, to start off you need to make sure you have a wireless network setup. (If you don't, you need to purchase a wireless router and plug your ethernet cable into it and afterwards go through the setup options [name, optional password, etc]).

Next you need to connect to the network from Windows 7. To do this, make sure you wifi card is on (usually indicated by a glowing antenna icon) and then click the bars icon next to the clock in the taskbar. From the point, click on your network and then hit connect. If needed, enter a password.

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1. Using the cat5 cable, that came with your router, plug the wire into the back of the router, usually a colored phone line looking port.

2. Unplug the cat5 cable from your DSL, cable or satelite external modem and plug it into the back of your wireless router in the #1 port.

3. The cat5 cable that you plugged into your colored port on your wireless router, plugs into your DSL, cable or satelite external modem.

4. Now that you have your wireless router ready, you can turn your computer on. Then of course XP or VISTA should automatically show new hard ware.

5. At this time, your computer will ask for software CD. Wireless router should have a software CD. Insert CD into CD drive. Follow instructions to install software. At this time your laptop should automatically detect the wireless connection. Your laptop may ask for the software CD as well and may not ask for it. Once your laptop finds the wireless connection, then you are wireless through out your house and possibly outside.

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