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I have created a freeware application called Secondshell. Download here: http://www.secondshell.com

SecondShell is a set of enhancements to the windows shell. It's features are the following:

# Maximize windows Horizontally or Vertically

* When you either need longer lines or more rows, but not full screen – customizable hotkeys.

# Move and resize windows easily

* While pressing ALT, click anywhere in the window and drag the mouse to move.

* While pressing ALT, right-click anywhere in the window and drag the mouse to resize. Works also with not resizable windows!

# Minimize and close applications easily

* Right-click anywhere in the window titlebar to minimize the window.

* Middle-click anywhere in the window titlebar to close the application.

# Use up to 10 custom hotkeys to launch your frequently used application

* Hotkeys and application paths can be set in the configuration file.

# Change the CapsLock button into middle mouse button

* Useful for netbook users, can be disabled in the configuration file if not needed.


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