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i have windows 7... the dock crashes every second... whtf? can i do something?

i had more or less the same problem with it. if i did get it running smoothly, on restart everything would be completely screwy. it's a shame cuz it's a really nice program otherwise.

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Sorry for complaining, but i get low quality icons in the dock.

pic related: first one shows general quality of the icons, second - quality of the icons in the dock.

What am I doing wrong?


Whenever you add something to the dock, the image result will always be in really low quality. If you want better quality icons, just search for the program's icon using Google image search. The icon type you want is PNG. Save the image to your computer (I'd make an icon folder on your computer just to be organized). Right click the low quality icon on the XWD that you want to fix, click edit, and click the "change" button. Navigate to the image you downloaded from the internet, click it, and click OK. (if you are in the folder you saved the image to and there's nothing there, you didn't download a PNG image). After that, click the OK button and the image should be in high quality now. Now do this for the rest of the icons on the dock to get a better looking dock :)

Please note that there are some program icons that you might not be able to find on the internet. :P

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ooGUPPYoo, the screenshot is just the default theme, trust me ;)

Just boost opacity to full, switch to a light desktop background, and make sure the icon reflections aren't blurred.

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btb42693, thanks for the answer.. though it's sort of strange, cos you can see, that good quality icons are already stored in the app executables. also it can be really annoying to do it for like 20-30 icons. anyways, thanks for help. ^_^

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the My Computer icon always has the running idicator since it's monitoring the explorer process (which is always running)

Don't you have other program icons on the dock? They should all get a running indicator when the program is running.

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