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Mobile Skin Requests

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make a SMF version. I have made a mobile theme based on aqua-soft mobile but yours would be so much better! I can give you the code for mine if it will help you make a SMF version.

My version:


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Right now, its going in this order on how things will get done (if I can ever find 5min to do work on the skin, lifes been crap on time recently :)

- Aqua-Soft Mobile for IPB3.1 (only)

- Aqua-Soft 5 for IPB3.1

- Aqua-Soft 5 for vB4

- Aqua-Soft Mobile for vB4

If I can get those done in a reasonable timeframe I'll look into porting some of the skins to phpbb/smf/whatever.

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Still working on it,

I'm at the point where I'm adding the ipb3.1 features.

Also thinking of dropping blackberry (old) support, and just focus on webkit. Since the newer one uses a webkit browser. Also lets me do prettier things :P.

Also trying to get it to look nicer on the iPhone4, icons and stuff will still be blocky :(


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