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Mobile Skin Requests

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Hi Timan,

Many of my mobile users have asked one thing : when viewing a topic, is it possible to have a button to go back to the 1st page of the topic ?

Thanks a lot,

Yep, when you click the topic title it'll take you to the first page.

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iPad users will get slight tweaks to the layout.

User CP menu in a left column when on iPad or compatible device with a bigger than 768px res.

Any other tweaks for iPad users? I'm very excited about the next version of this skin! My users are going to love it!

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This version has taken at least 20x longer to do. I've put hours into it just about every day. Its not far off from release. Only a few major areas left to complete.

I will keep you guys posted.

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Any updates?

What ever happened to the regular board skin for the people that paid for both?

Don't worry the full version is def coming (waiting for 3.1).

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Wow, I haven't visited in a while and just saw this thread for the first time. This revised skin looks fantastic! I love the iPad support as well. I agree that waiting for 3.1 at this point is best Any other screenshots you can tease us with? It's been a while since you've posted any. :)



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Heh not yet, I havn't been able to really work on it the past 2 weeks. Then we just moved hosts here, but I'll def be ramping up development very soon. (not that 3.1 betas are out).

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Support for Unreal Portal. Maybe different color schemes?

You can make IP.Portal look like Unreal Portal easily! Unreal Portal is missing some features so not possible for me to use!


Can't wait for this to be released :)

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