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Macos X For Windows 7


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Macos X is a Mac_os_X port for WIndows 7, made by idas = ZEUS osX. (Pavlos Pitselas).

Macos (1)word meaning : 'mecos'= length in ancient Athenian also Ionian language and in Byzantine and in nowdays Greek, and 'macos' in doric and aeolian ancient greek dialects and in nowdays tsaconian= spartan dialect that still speaken in some villages in southeastern Pelloponese[south Greece], where is my hometown, and also in Ancient Greek Macedonian and Aeolian Thessalian dialects.

Macos X IS not just a theme. With new code added to Windows system files , Windows becomes behaving like Mac OS X .

When foristance we select a folder as 'icon', we have separate mouse over image for the folder and other image for the text.

When we select a folder as 'details' we can have stripes, and mouse over images like mac os X , blue hover and white text .

Main categories of visual styles: Transparent, Brushed, Gray.

Subcategories: I have also added some styles, to any of the first categories, with always opened folderband and addressbar, and no button to the top right edge of the window.

Also to this screenshot i use The Ave's application [still beta] , CloseButtonChanger which makes the buttons more close.

My work is based on the spirit of os X, and not a copy of it.

Many images are designed in a similar but not same way with original os X.

I use font bold style in many places that original os X use regular font style.

I made this project to work only to 96 dpi font size.

For this project i have spent thousands of hours, and perchaps it is first time in the history of Windows, that without any 3rd party programm or explorer replacement, we have a so much close to mac os X style approaching.

The theme will have some limitations in use, as i have not enough time to complete in the way i want, as i am too tired.


1. do not change border padings.

2. do not change font size (leave it 96 dpi font size).

3. taskbar must be resized every time we log in, if we want 'small icons' in it, as Windows 7 internal code streched it to bigger dimentions.

4. for close distance between close,min,max buttons Ave's application [still beta] , CloseButtonChanger needed.

5. for adding shadows effect around your Windows, needed the freeware controlable application YzShadow.

Special thanks to Panda X , DM-moinmoin , Patrickgs , and and Yoni (Rafael Rodriguez) .

All features referenced in my work are subject to change.

I do not allow modifications of my work.

Thank you All of you, for your support.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by Zeus.


20 2 2010

32 bit version download

64 bit version download


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Really i can't see why anyone would want to change a new OP system to look like another. Win7 is great and has a lot of customization in it, you can eve get a MAC pack if you want.

Wait 2 years and then maybe stat thinking about adding non genuine theme's.

Just my thoughts ,that's all

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ZEUS osX for Windows 7 Sp1 is a Mac OS X port for WIndows 7, made by idas = ZEUS osX. (Pavlos Pitselas).

This Work is not just a 'T h e m e'. all themes and code modifications in dll written and copyright.

Mac OS X style system 'behaviour' with not 3rd party program .

32 bit http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/sp1-ZEUS-osX-for-Win-7-32bit-207577973

64 bit http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/sp1-ZEUS-osX-for-Win-7-64-207697671

made in Greece.



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