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Preview: Macggadger V3 Alpha Release

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Hey everybody....

So,after 2 years , here comes the brand new version of MacGadger, totally Vista/Win7 supported including Aero concepts and theming support.

New animation , New features , New skins , Easy UI , low memory eater(i think not big thing who uses vista

So let me tell you some new features that i added to new version of this Release:

  • Shows current Volume levels
  • Visualize Volume peak levels
  • Adjust volume on the Go
  • Visualize your Left right audio Channels output on the desktop with in-built Desklet.
  • Pause/Resume your favorite Media players, When you mute System Sound.
  • View and Adjust your screen Brightness with customizable hotkeys.
  • Render Anti-Aliased Text Effects on your skins.
  • Very easy aero based UI.
  • Shows when you mute volume,Mute/Unmute using hotkeys
  • Take full control of your CD/DVD Drives with one click.

and lots of others....

Currently Alpha Release is only supported for Windows Vista and Windows Seven. But the final release will definatly works on WindowsXP too.

well i hope these new features let you wait for the alpha build to release on the internet. If you have any new ideas and suggestions let me know, because Alpha Build is not completed yet.

you can download new alpha release in this month. till then enjoy MacGadger v2.0. ;)


MacGadger Author.

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