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Three Major Things Left (Traffic Lights, Bar, And Dashboard)

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I have Vista and I am trying to make my entire GUI look very much like the most recent Mac release (Snow Leopard). The most important pieces left to do are getting the Mac window appearance (traffic light close/min/max in the upper left especially), to get the Mac taskbar (I tried FinderBar for ObjectBar but it eventually said that I had to purchase the full version of the software to use more than just the default themes), and to get something very similar to Dashboard (with the widgets that only appear if I press a hotkey).

Does anyone know what the best ways to accomplish these three things are?

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know how to do any of this stuff? Thanks again in advance.

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Sure, abarnes94. Currently, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, so I am not sure of compatibility for 64-bit at this time. For the finder-bar, I am using Rosie, by Matonga. It took me ages to find it, so it is attached to this post. Simply run the executable, and find a Snow Leopard theme. And your second issue, the left-side traffic lights, you could try hacking the msstyle, but I would recommend Leftsider (just google that). I personally didn't use it though, since it interferes with programs that have a large button to the left instead of the usual File, Edit, etc. menus. The dashboard can be taken care of with Rainmeter (google that), which allows you to monitor your computer, stats, clock, etc. from your desktop. Very skinnable too. Also, instead of Leftsider, you can try Apple Close/Min/Max (google that or search on Aqua-Soft).

PS: Regarding the attached Rosie RAR archive, don't worry, it's not a preview (as the filename recommends).

Good luck with Mac Emulation!


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