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Ob .70 Here


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I'm running Dscaler 4.01 in a window with OD running right now with no problems. This is with an ATI TV Wonder VE (WinXP Pro). What sort of problems are you having with it?

However, if I fire up the ATI TV app or change the channel on it, the dock flickers like crazy for about 15 seconds then settles down.

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The dock is getting better and better! However, small issues with .70: I had to completely unload Desktop X, as the program crashes on startup and all objects are lost. Desktop X then crashes when I try to create new objects to replace those that were lost.

Also, when I try to add a new dock item (in this case a My Docs folder), although I get the OD preferences dialogue box, when I try to change the icon, OD freezes and I must control-alt-delete to close out OD. These 2 issues have only occurred since installing .70. I'm running XP SP-1 on an 800MZ PIII with 256 mgs of RAM.



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Originally posted by Grusic@Dec 6 2002, 07:45 PM

I'm downloading now and jizzin' all over myself...Whooaaaaaaaa...Squirt squirt squirt!


And the academy award for Best Post Ever by an Aqua Soft forum member goes to YOU for that ****ed up ****.

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I feel like a bit of a traitor 'cause i unloaded all of my mac OS stuff.

But what i couldn't get rid of was the objectDock...I love what it does for me...and now with the infamous Bill Gates'ish interface. FOOOD's iCandy icons and PNG's are to amazing. So if you ever get tired of emulating your mac's, or just need some divertion.... Sorry about all of this, just wanted to say that the new objectdock is freakin' amazing...even with windows style!!!!! :D

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