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Circledock Needs Assistence W/ Docklets

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Hello folks

I post rarely here, but read a lot.

I have observed the talents and abilities, and since I am at my wits end....I am approaching several communities for assistance in our latest issue.

CircleDock is on the move again with a new programmer.

I have been tasked to find code that will allow the integration of Docklets (ie. that can be used in RocketDock, objectdock, etc.)

I have been beating my brain aroun dteh internet for several months now and have come up with nothing.

I do, however, keep being redirected to Raduking (Creator of RK Launcher) apparently he has not been heard from in some time.

I am not looking for code to build docklets (There are thousands of sites on this subject), but a way so that CircleDock can integrate and use Docklets.

Please Help

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Just download the ObjectDock docklet SDK from StarDock and implement their interfaces.

They are pretty straightforward.

That's the way it worked in both AveDesk and RocketDock, if I remember correctly.

Since you are going to host C/C++ libraries in .Net, you'll need to catch up reading

lots of InterOp (No COM/ActiveX involved, just plain LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress stuff

in the Win32 SDK), and forget about going 64-bits. Perhaps a mixed C++/C# assembly will do.

good luck,


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I also worked on intergrating them into XWD, but there is one problem, some docklets do not show their dialogs (properties, about and etc.) may OD has some interfaces to let them to show dialogs ? I do not know...anyway I create my own SDK, cause OD's docklets are every old (use ANSI and have a lot of functions that can be implemented simplier).

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