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Roboslone Leopack 2

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RoboSloNE LeoPack 2


Before starting: It's my first topic on aqua-soft.org, I'm from Russia and couldn't speak English very well. Please, try to understand me :)

OK, let's start.

As I said, I'm from Russia, and all this pack is firstly for people, who speak Russian. I'll try to translate a documentation on my pack later, but now I have only russian documentation. However, all screenshots and previews are with english texts.

About LeoPack 2

It's the second pack in the Leo series. I'm author of previous LeoPack and four packs called 'RoboSloNE Mac OS X Style', but I don't think it's so cool as LeoPack two. It changes actually all the resources of your Windows. It was tested on Windows XP SP3, I haven't tested it on Vista or Se7en, but it should work on this OS. [Full 'About' in documentation.]


1. Bootskin + theme

2. Cursors

3. Fences

4. FindeXer Nightly

5. IconPackager + theme

6. Logon Studio

7. ObjectBar + theme

8. Rainmeter

9. SoundPackager + theme

10. Styler + theme

11. UberIcon

12. Wallpapers

13. WindowBlinds + 2 themes

14. XWindowsDock + theme + docklets

15. Yahoo! Widgets

And some more...

At the end I just want to say, that I'll try to translate my documentation in a short time, but now I can only give you links to download my package and russian documentation. And, of course, I'll show you some screenshots and previews.

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I'm sorry dude, but I had to report this... It's simply unacceptable to post material at this board that includes cracks for payware software, regardless of whether they're in an archive or not...

An otherwise excellent compilation... When you post it next time without the cracks, please remember to add an extensive list of credits for the people who have spent days, weeks & months developing these tools... It's the least they deserve...

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