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A Couple Of Shoutbox Problems

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Was half asleep last night when i responded.

To remove shoutbox from the top of the forums and to have only the tab.

Remove everything from this template (on mobile only).

skin_shoutbox_hooks -> hookGlobalShoutbox

At least you're honest and have an excuse, I'm grateful for your reply and loving the skin.

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Open up the globalTemplate

Remove the following

			<if test="IPSLib::appIsInstalled( 'shoutbox' )">
{parse variable="shoutboxActive" default="" oncondition="IPS_APP_COMPONENT == 'shoutbox'" value="active"}
<li class='{parse variable="shoutboxActive"}'><a href="{parse url="app=shoutbox" seotitle="false" base="public"}">Shoutbox</a></li>

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