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A Couple Of Shoutbox Problems

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I tried the skin yesterday and found a couple of shoutbox issues.

1. Shoutbox extends overt the page when in vertical view.


This is not a serious issue since it is still easy to read.

I doubt it will be more difficult to read if the width is reduced to fit the page.

If I turn the phone to horizontal, the width is fit to the page.

2. Shoutbox is not updated by ajax. All buttons cannot be clicked.

This renders shoutbox useless because I couldn't refresh or post any message into shoutbox.

So currently if I have to use shoutbox, I have to switch to desktop version.

3. (This is not a bug.) Shoutbox doesn't have any frame, just plain text so it is not so neat.

Please have a look to this issues. Thank you very much.

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Seems we have a problem. I can make it so you can "view" shouts, but not post to the shoutbox. They're using ajax for everything, so if the user has js disabled, it will not function. There really isn't much I can do about this.

But if "viewing" the shoutbox is good enough I will proceed with adding it.

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I doubt if the iPhone is JS disabled. If so, why I can still shout using iPhone when I use normal skin?

I don't have any knowledge for advance skinning. But it seems not reasonable to me that on the same phone, one skin can use JS but another can't.

if the user has js disabled, it will not function.

So it seems like user-specific problem, not device?

So could you let it be not function for that user who disable it, but make is function for those who enable?

Shoutbox that you cannot shout is nothing.

When I use mobile phone, it means I want to report short, live things, like twitter, or want to have a chat with friends.

It is no use if I use mobile phone for posting long descriptive topics. I would find some internet cafe if I have to do so.

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Well, thats just is, the iphone skin has pretty much all of ipb's js disabled… thats what makes it super fast. I am against adding it all back in just for an unofficial addon. In my opinion, the fact they made the shoutbox only work with js enabled is something more wrong on their part than mine.

But yes, I do agree its kinda pointless to just display shouts, when you can't add any.

I have very little js skills, so I can't debug why it doesn't work, or whats needed to work specifically. Haven't given up just yet, just need to find someone who knows js and can help me out.

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I have very little js skills, so I can't debug why it doesn't work, or whats needed to work specifically. Haven't given up just yet, just need to find someone who knows js and can help me out.

I would say I have no knowledge about this at all, otherwise I'd be more than happy to help you out.

I can post in the peer-to-peer support forums, but I don't know how to start or explain technically and precisely.


P.S. I don't like to call this addon 'unofficial'.

Although it is not a paid addon, but this project is held by IPB staff themselves.

It is as much useful as IP.Converge and IP.Tracker, and is officially supported in IPB company forums. (This makes me sure that you can get some help over there.)

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Seems no hope for shoutbox mobile ... T_T

Maybe could you just skin the shoutbox, and leave instruction to "add it (Javascript) all in"?

I tried to add JS back but I might missed something because it still doesn't work. I don't know which skin bit to edit.

With JS enabled, several mods will work too (such as Ajax Fast Reply).

Regarding the speed, I saw quite a few mobile sites that use JS and it seems still fast with 3G. (AppleInsider, iLounge, ...)

But I understand that many in US has poor 3G coverage (thanks to AT&T :P); speed is big problem for them.

So maybe this is just an option like to made skin selection, and for those who want fast not functional they can leave JS away.

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Got rid of the shoutbox from the skin. It was unsightly IMO.

I'd prefer speed over using a shoutbox any day.

The fact that I can post on my forum from my phone easier than I can on my desktop is more than enough for me :)

This will enhance your mobile experience.

Delete all the shoutbox hook files.

Then Global Templates --> globalTemplate

Find this line:

<li class="{parse variable="forumActive"}"><a href="{$this->settings['board_url']}">Forums</a></li>

After, add:

<!-- Start Shoutbox Code -->
<if test="IPSLib::appIsInstalled( 'shoutbox' )">
{parse variable="shoutboxActive" default="" oncondition="IPS_APP_COMPONENT == 'shoutbox'" value="active"}
<li class='{parse variable="shoutboxActive"}'><a href="{parse url="app=shoutbox" seotitle="false" base="public"}">Shoutbox</a></li>
<!-- End Shoutbox Code -->

It will add it next to Forums as a tab, so if you have portal open.

Portal | Forums | Shoutbox

is how the header will look like.

Demo: visit http://gamersfire.net on your mobile device.

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@fraznvz Thanks a lot. This is perfect solution for shoutbox module.

Your solution should be included with Timan's next release!

@Timan Thank you for your work for shoutbox too.

I still miss the ability to shout.

Truthfully, I would love to have only shoutbox instead of forum when I were to use phone.

So I added all JS back and revert all changes with shoutbox.

It's back to ugly interface, but it's working,

but only for global shoutbox, not in the shout module (after adding fraznvz's tab.)

It slow down load time a bit, but thanks to 3G, it is not so slow that annoying.

I will try to ask in the forum weather to load only necessary JS for shoutbox, or load only when enter shoutbox module.

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I know that viewing my forums on a regular skin (not the aqua mobile) the shoutbox works fine, I don't know what causes the buttons to not work on the mobile skin, would also be nice to ONLY have a shoutbox tab and not the actual shoutbox on the forum home page when I view from within a mobile browser.

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