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Announcement: Xwindows Dock


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I realised in XWD that if you put a shortcut in a stack it has the icon of the original file, not the icon of the shortcut. I know in objectdock stacks and others if you put a shortcut in a stack it is the icon of the shortcut, that is how i like it. In 2.0.0 could it be like that?

Also, in a stack in OS X in grid mode, up the top it has the name on the floder, eg Documents, Downloads. Could you put that in?

That is, if you are going to make a stack docklet to go with it.

With the mac dock when there are too many items it automatically scales to fit them all. Could you implement this by the final release?

Im no good at programming but i am at designing. (i was graphic designer of the year at my school because i entered a design for the year book cover and i won) so if you want i could help. I made the barrack obama skull as well

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Well actually my technique worked for a few minutes and now it won't work anymore

so the thing is ; the zoom on mouseover works only witn a classic theme and does not seem to be friend with the aero theme could anyone tell me where's the trick ?

I see that you are keeping asking questions here, but what connection with XWD 2.0.0 ? I see nothing, that's why I ask you to post here only on topic otherwise your posts will be deleted. Thanks.

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I know this post is in the wrong place but i did not put it here anyways (must have been redirected or something...)

So I think there is no wrong place for a bit of help so here is what I found out on Windows 7 (ultimate , but must be the same for other versions)

If you have problems with the dock when aero theme is enabled you just have to put the basic theme on, reboot put the aero and then restart your computer two times (sounds a bit weird but it worked on several test I made)

so if this post could be put in the help center that could help (I think I'm not the only one to have this problem )

Anyways thanks a lot bobah13 for this wonderful dock witch is far far far better than any others on windows !

:) :) :)

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I see.. I hope this new dock going to be a great thing and compatible with Windows 7!! ^_^

First of all, now working on the base features and graphics and make it stable. Development is going in Windows 7, that means it will be compatible, but trying to compatible with XP too.


Yea... I think christmas is coming soon :) and I hope the first betta-release will be ready to be published in a week ;) Thanks all for your interest on this project.

p.s. we also implement a donation system, and if somebody wants to donate we will be glad and thanked :)

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That would be awesome if you can. Even if there aren't many features

That would be very nice :)

However guys, notice how much Bobah is emphasizing the fact that this version is NOT a full version at all; it has VERY basic features, just enough for it to work. You aren't gonna have all the fancy features 5.6 has quite yet. You can't even predict whether or not it will even work on your system, if it's compatible with the programs on your computer or whatnot. Not saying that Bobah hasn't taken this into account, because I'm sure he has :) I'm just trying to make you clueless people in this forum know the facts here.

Remember this will be a BETA program, so you are TESTING it. Keep this in mind when Bobah releases the beta :)

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Hey eveybody. I want to share my desktop with XWD May something will be changed, for now that's what we have :)

See screenshot


I'm reeeeaaally impressed with that... (and notice it's just "beta") AMAZING! ;)

By the way, where did you get that theme/style fow Win7?

And, what's that thing that says on dock's menu: "swith mode"?

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I have a question : will we be able to use your dock 2.0.0 simulteniously with 5.6? I mean use 5.6 as a main dock, and have an opportunity to install and test 2.0.0 at the same time?

Yes. Cause (in the core) doesn't have anything from 5.6 :)

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please, release this as soon as possible, because later i'll must do a fish for a christmas eve and stuff. :[ :) Looking sooooo good. In previous version(5.6)on windows 7 there was something wrong and when wallpapers were changing the animations stops. But on XP it was working good. Sorry, I'm not very good english user if there is any mistake forgive me.

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