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Rainmeter 1.1 Now Available

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Rainmeter 1.1 Is Released

Rainmeter News November 01, 2009

Hello again folks

Rainmeter 1.1 is now available and we are proud to release it to all of you.

There is some major adjustments to address problematic issues in utilization with Windows Vista and 7, but also some serious advancements to the code in skin development & enhancements.

Two major advancements to the user interface and initial experience:

1.) The Default skin (Enigma) has had a major face lift, and coded to be leaner and faster.

Probably one of the more exciting advancements for the End User is RainBrowser.

2.) RainBrowser is exactly that, a browser and initial interface for your Rainmeter skins, but with an advanced feature set.

I will not ruin it for you!

So I will tell you to download and see what we have done for yourself.

Partial list of important new features:

* Additional support for Vista / Win7

* New 2.6 version of Enigma included.

* Includes new RainBrowser config manager.

* Added support for style sections. MeterStyle can be used in meters to read the values from the style section.

* Global settings are now supported by using the @include feature to read external files

* Fonts can now be stored in Rainmeter\Fonts or with the skin and not "installed" in Windows by using LocalFonts feature.

* It's now possible to use the measures as if they were variables (use [MeasureName] instead #VariableName#)

* New bang !RainmeterSetVariable can be used to change the value of a variable.

* Skin information and instructions can be added to [Metadata] section.

* Aspect ratio of images is preserved when images are scaled.

* New RANDOM function in the CALC measure type.

* Added support for the middle mouse button (MiddleMouseDownAction / MiddleMouseUpAction)

* Path and filename of the file created by Debug=2 in WebParser is now configurable with Debug2File="[Path\]filename.ext"

* The standard "hand pointer" mouse cursor is shown when you hover over a meter with any "MouseAction" on it or a button.

To be sure….This is not everything

Download and new Home Page is at (did I mention a fresh home page with lots of goodies???):


So come by; Download Rainmeter, become a member (see the changes) at the forum, and we would love to see you in the IRC chat.

Ooh….Before I forget: Rainmeter and the Rainmeter Community is now accepting donations ;)



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