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Aqua-soft Mobile Skin Download [Ipb3]

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For the iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Palm Pre and BlackBerry!*

* May work on other -webkit enabled devices


30412b17288178fe886216.png img_00871b899.png

Last Updated: 05/18/10

Note: This is not a free skin, you can purchase it here.

Live Demo: http://www.vastyles.com/ipb3/ You must be on a Mobile device to see the skin.

Installation instructions, for Invision Power Board 3.x

You MUST import both of the xml.gz files. (Templates/aqua-soft-mobile.xml.gz and Images/as-mobile.xml.gz)

  1. First Login to the admin panel of your forum. Select the Look & Feel tab at the top, and then click on Import / Export in the left menu.
  2. Scroll down to where it says Import Skin Templates. Browse for the Templates/aqua-soft-mobile.xml.gz file and press Import Skin Set
  3. Once the skin templates are done importing, go back and Import the Skin Images using the Images/as-mobile.xml.gz file. Before you press import, make sure the Aqua-Soft Mobile Skin is selected for the skin set to use the images with. When you've done that, press Import Image Set
  4. After you are done importing both the skin set and image set, click on Manage Skin Sets & Templates in the left menu. Then click Edit Settings to the right of Aqua-Soft Mobile. Make sure your settings look like the following. Once done, it save.

Note: To get the skin to load for iPhone/iPod Touch/BlackBerry/Android and Palm Pre users you MUST set the skin to those user agents.

  1. Click on Manage Skin Sets & Templates in the left menu. Then click Manage User Agent Mapping to the right of Aqua-Soft Mobile.
  2. Scroll down and check the web browsers you want to use with this skin, then click Save.
  3. For Palm Pre and Android users see this post http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?s...st&p=532869

Note: Make sure the IP.Board Lo-Fi skin does not have the iPhone, iPod Touch & BlackBerry user agents selected.

If you feel there are any templates you think maybe missing, do let me know. It is easy to overlook certain sections of the forum.

A lot of time has been put into this skin. I ask that you do not redistribute this without permission. If account is found link'd to a redistributed version of this skin, they will be banned and lose access to future version. And lastly feel free to donate.

Heres a simple video walkthrough on how to import and set the user agents.



IPB3 Aqua-Soft Mobile.zip

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Updated 11-29-09

- Added Portal (Portal tab will replace the Home tab if it is setup in the settings)

- Added Modification for user to toggle back and froth between mobile and non-mobile skins.

- Fixed JS so you can link to posts without it scrolling to the top.

- Slight CSS Tweaks

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Updated 11-30-09

- Added Android Support (1.6+)

Note: You "must" replace the images (see mobile folder) and update the css (nav & search) for this to work.

To add detection for Android, add the user agent with the following.


Updated 12-31-09

- Added Palm Pre (webOS) Support (1.0+)

To add detection for Palm Pre (webOS), add the user agent with the following.


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Updated 12-31-09

- Added BlackBerry Support

- Added Palm Pre (webOS) Support

- Added popup alert for new private message

- Fixed Images in posts breaking the width of the site

- Fixed Lists and Misc BB Code bits

- Fixed Contact Form

- Added Shoutbox "Read Only"

- Made it easier to change the logo (simply change the mobile/header_logo.png image)

- Made it easier to change background and font colors (at the top of the ipb_styles.css, you can't miss it)

- Various other fixes

You MUST import the images again, there are new images for the palm pre and blackberry devices.

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Updated 01-09-10

- Added Support for Global Forum Message hook (http://community.invisionpower.com/files/f...um-message-100/)

- Added Support for Members Online Today hook (http://community.invisionpower.com/files/f...line-today-100/)

- Added Support for Guest Message hook (http://community.invisionpower.com/files/f...st-message-140/)

- Added App Icon & Splace Image for users who want to set your forums on their home screens. Example PSD Included (mobile/icon.png & mobile/splash.png)

- Added BBCode.txt for those who want YouTube viewable on their iPhones

- Added Help

- Added Memberlist

- Added Advanced Search

- Added Mark Forum as Read to the bottom of forums

- Added Forum Leaders, Top Posters, Online List, etc

- Added Topic and Forum subscription

- Added confirm logout for those who press it by mistake

- Added Control Panel bits for the following...

- - Attachments

- - Announcements

- - Forum Pref

- - Avatars

- - Photo

- - Ignored Users

- - Member Look Up

- - IP Address Look Up

- - Watched Forums

- - Watched Topics

- Fixed Forum tab for users with Portal set as default

- Fixed avatars on profiles for Facebook, Gravatar and Local users

- Fixed missing post background-color

- Fixed formatting issues in Help and Guidelines

- Fixed error messages

- Removed current unsupported ipb addon's from the control panel and search results

- Removed shoutbox hook when disabled

- Tweaked Profiles

Attached are new images, they are also included in the skin package.


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Updated 01-14-10

- Added IP.Blog 2.1 (currently rc2) Support

- Added Skin Chooser when user has selected a skin on the mobile device. (Will stay hidden if user just allows ipb to do its magic)

- Fixed images on BlackBerry devices

- Fixed Online List bug not showing forum or linking to user profile

Added Images (for blog support)

These must be in /public/style_images/as-mobile/blog/


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Updated 02-02-10

- Blogs updated to Final Version

- Moved View New / Active Posts to the top of the forum index

- Added view "my content" when logged in. (your posts and topics)

- New posts will now take you to the last unread

- If more than 25 users in the online list, it will show a link to view the online list rather then displaying them all.

- Add reply will take you to quick reply if enabled (less page loading on the go)

Can view a list of extra user agents to add in this thread here


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