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My Old Teacher


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Ive just read in my local paper today that my old teacher of last year is being accused of 7 counts of sexually abusive acts. now i find this is disgusting as its really not true, anyway to cut to the point, im only 16, but like to set up a defence in his name, i already have over a hundred people wishing to do something at this, what is the best way of going about this?

the court hearing is monday in my town.

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1. Ronno - how can you be so certain that your teacher hasn't done anything wrong? Even people who appear normal & well-balanced can commit such acts. If he's innocent, then the court should reach the same conclusion...

2. KAWSquared: I love you dude. In a manly way. You know, not *that* way. Yeah, in a manly way. Oh shit, this sounds worse than I thought it would...


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It is good for you to know the true.

Let the others to find them self the real true.

Is not you job to do this.

If you'll be asking for, you can only help.

You are just 16, be aware on you behavior.

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