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Hooking Keyboard Via Windows Api In Delphi

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HI guys

Could anyone point me to the direction of some Tutorials on how to Hook the keyboard usings the windows PAI to capture keystrokes,

I want to enable my App to Bring itself too top if certain key combo is pressed, mainly because i want to give the option for my application to hide <its a to do list app> when user click Hide button. But i have no real way of havign it charm Form1.hide;


Form1.show; unless i can moniter all Keyboard strokes.

I know its posible and have been told not too hard. and i know that it wil lrequire building a DLL, buti just dont know how to code it Thanks

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Maybe this helps:


Some notes:

HWND -> Form1.Handle

In your form add this to FormCreate procedure:

// For example Win+Shift+A

// 100 or whatever you want, if you register many hotkeys you must put a unique id to each one

RegisterHotKey (Handle, 100, MOD_WIN Or MOD_SHIFT, VK_A);

In your form add this to interface section:

procedure FormHotKey (var msg : TWMHotKey); message WM_HOTKEY;

In your form add this to implementation section:

procedure FormHotKey (var msg : TWMHotKey);
If msg.ID = 100 Then

Of course this is just quick & dirty. For other techniques you'll need a .dll etc... for sure, this is just the simplest alternative.

PS: I didn't test the code, so it may have syntax errors.

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