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Ipb 3 Won't Install Aquasoft Theme!

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I just successfully installed Invision Power Board 3.0.4, and I imported AquaSoft's Skin Set, Image Set, and Macro. It won't show up, even if I recached and re-imported.

I imported a skin set, then I imported a image set, choosing as4 as the skin to apply with, then I got confused installing a macro. It said "Install XML Replacement" and it had nothing to do with the word macro, so it was my last option and I uploaded it and applied to as4.

I went to "Manage Themes" then "Edit Settings" and I made as4 as my default. I refreshed my forum, and nothing happens. I made all images directly load from /style-images/ipb_as4. Nothing happens. I do all this crazy stuff that doesn't direct to the /style-images/master.

Any Ideas?

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