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Anyone Who Uses Iweb (from Ilife) (mac Related)


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Damn. It's been years since I last made a topic or posted something here.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone who used iWeb '08/'09 before... is it possible to add more web templates? I know they give you a lot but is it possible to add more of my own?

Plus how do I publish it to my FTP? I don't have a mobileme account.


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Long time no see buddy.

Not sure about templates.

It's been a while since I done this, and it was with an older version of iWeb but I'm sure the principle is the same. When you finished creating your site, you get the chance to upload to mobileme site or save it to your hard drive, choose this one. You can then FTP the site to anywhere you like. Somethings don't work if you use your own site, stuff like site counters and few other stuff.

Good luck

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