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Ideas For Developing Xwd


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6kC5lQb5f4.pngIf you have an idea to improve XWD, then post it here.

Most asked to formulate proposals qualitatively. If you have a desire to spread the sketches and drawings.


1. Caching in the dock

Caching images in the dock. I do not know doc may have uses caching image files, but suddenly no))

- Caching of the files in the stack will increase the processing speed and reduce the load on the processor. Caching should in my opinion occur with a decrease of pictures, that is, until the size and quality that uses the dock in the end.

- For example: I use quality. Png image size no smaller than 256x256, and they are in the dock I have only 50x50. So caching would be used precisely these small cached images to reduce the load on the processor at every startup when you turn dock companies.

But this is a function of increasing when you hover on the icons (I personally do not use, do not like) So while these cached files by itself will not do, so this will need to contact the original files with icons.

- The stack: The stack caching even more logical, there are no increases when you hover there and visits to the original files are not needed.

- The Gallery: The galleries at every opening of the newly processed image from the original files (that I noticed, maybe not as I do not know), and is even with the active point in the cache configuration items (maybe this is not true to the pictures I do not know at least it seems to me that this caching files).

Caching of files in the gallery, we can save both on the processor load, and on the processing time. That is because of this we get almost instantaneous appearance of the entire contents of the gallery (maybe some it is so instantaneous, but I have not so percent is not too powerful, but even on more powerful processors, we still obtain savings, and it goes well in any case)

2. Stack in the style of Snow leopard

It would be very useful in my order in the stack would be possible to move through folders inside the dock

This is purely a small improvement, but I think it will increase the ergonomics of the program

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pretty sure 1 is already happening. When you click on a stack the first time, it may be slow, but the 2nd time, it's instantaneous. However, do note that if you cache too much info, people will complain about too much memory usage. There's a balance to what should be done.

2nd thing would be pretty pretty nice, and probably not too bad to implement. When you click on a folder, close stack, and re-open stack with the folder as the source.

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About caching

I know that the dock is already caches files, but this cache is reset after each reboot, it is clearly visible especially if a lot of pictures in: dock, stack or gallery

so I decided to make such an idea to cache maintained, rather than every time a new do, and in general can and so)) don `t know at the beginning of TtN writing that can already do, or maybe not))))

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1.Drag & drop into minimized window.

2.Better skinning.I don't mean on way how it looks but the way skin is made.I don't own the mac but as i downloaded leopard osx skins to port them i noticed that dock is made from one background,separator and indicator.That allows skins with complex textures something like this http://piper17.deviantart.com/art/nodame-t...c-mac-138717432 .In current XWD skins dock is made from a lot of png files including midle,left,right borders but middle border stretches independently from left and right border.So in case of skin i show,left and right borders will be normal but middle border will be deformed except it's stretched to its original size which will never be the case.

There are a lot more ideas and requests but these two are must do.

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well the best way to find ways of improvement is to use it and use it a lot :) i have found that windows live messenger dose not work to well with XWD. when i minimize once conversation XWD will minimize all of them :( and when i do get a new message the icon dose not bounce or anything... so fixing these two problems would be very nice :)

also i noticed that apple has now incorporated Expose into the dock... just something i think is kinda cool *wink wink nudge nudge* lol ;)

anyways just some ideas :)

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