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Itunes 9

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I don't like the white background on grid view. But otherwise it's purdy! When you installed the new version over the old one did you have to backup your music files, playlists etc first or does it just get transferred to the new version?

Well, I didn't have any playlists in iTunes 8 , when I installed the new version, all my music & videos where transferred automatically.

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Well... it looks like a native windows app now if you ask me... Apple are taking a massive huge step backwards in their gui department.

I will not upgrade to 9 thank you. :angry:

Mind you... I never have the controller on the desktop anyways :lol:

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i dnt like d grid view bg..better back grid view frm itunes 8

and i tot they gonna change the min max button to a traffic lights

hope somebody can manage dat.cz dat tm of apple.

I can't understand what you're saying beneath all the 'dat', 'cz, 'dnt'. Learn to write proper English, it really isn't that hard to write simple words like 'from' and 'don't'.

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I'm kind of dissapointed about the new iTunes.

All my Video-Podcasts are lagging and if I minimize the programme it keeps on changing its size and position.

I know that the 2nd argument might be due to something else, but the 1st is definitely a problem of iTunes.

I sure hope that they will release an update very soon.

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