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Cianodock Released !


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Hi guys! This is jake from Element Software speaking!

To make matters more exciting , I myself(after using cianodock for several weeks while it was in pre-beta stages) found a great program to use, especially since it was free. I then decided to help Luciano out a bit since we talk now and then, by publishing CianoDock on Element Software (www.elementsoftware.co.uk). If you havent tried out CianoDock yet, we really recommend that you do. We will be helping him in the coming weeks with language support, additional legal and redistrubution support.

Some great features I found personally with CianoDock was:

-The UI- especially the animations

-YouTube videos play realtime behind it

-That its not some mega corporation (ahem like stardock for example) charging you silly amounts of money to run this great app

-The organization and customaization options

-Future plugins?

Anyway please support Luciano by visiting www.elementsoftware.co.uk/outsourcing/cianodock were you can find downloads and additional links to CainoDock!

Luciano looks forward to your further feedback! (Also if you have any further inquries, you can contact us too)

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yeah guys it's time for the 0.2 version!

change log:

- Now it's possible to add everykind of file to the groups. Before now, was possible to add only EXE, BAT and LNK.

- Added some options "Hide","Hide when launch an application","Configure" and "Close CianoDock" to the main menu

- Updated the languages file

Thanks for your help making CianoDock more stable.

Thanks to patternjake for his help!


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after long time(I was quite busy for my job), I released the 0.3 version!

Release 0.3

- Added a check to identify double groups or link to avoid name conflicts.

- Fixed the Z order of the current selected icon, now it appear always on the top.

- Added new languages: French, German, Portouguese and Spanish.

- On the first installation, the dock isn't empty but has some common Groups and Links to help the beginners to understand how works Cianodock.

- Applications that required the UAC confermation, now run.

- Pop up a window when a new update is released and launch the updater that download from the website the necessary files avoiding that the setting and custom icons could be lost.


P.S. The size increased becouse of the Updater, anyway you only have to download it just once.

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Hmmm, I installed this on two computers (one Vista and XP) and have .net framework 2.0 installed on both, but the dock simply doesn't show up on either. I tried hitting alt + > , but still nothing. I right click on the system tray icon, and click settings or about and nothing shows up there either....

I can't even close it. I have to pull up the task manager and end the process. This happens on both machines, same behaviour.

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After a bit of time I released a little update:

Release 0.3.5 data 1 Feb 2010

- CianoDock doesn't execute some applications/games

- When a link it's created, automatically it will capitalize the first character of the name

- Some messages didn't show up

- The configuration panel now show the ASCII code of the show/hide hotkey

- The defaulf font it's changed with Century Gothic for a better readibility and for a future support of cyrillic language

- The update application now it's part of the main application saving in this way memory and space

I decided to release this update before the version 0.4 where I'm going to rewrite almost all the code to clean up things and make it faster.

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It's nice to hear you've been actively updating your app. I look forward to testing it out since the last time I tried it a few iterations back.

One question: does your dock still have the name/branding visible and required? Or does the user have the option to be able to remove the text/branding?

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Cleaner, faster code with new features is always welcome news. :D And yes, having non-removable branding (no matter how deserved,) on the dock is quite the show stopper. (personal opinion.) Besides, recognition and appreciation of your program should (rightly) come from it's performance and functionality, rather than from a prominently displayed logo.

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Sig. Luciano, Saluti

I have created a Gallery at the Circle Dock main site, so that your Users of Ciano Dock may download and use Background skins, and not have to Download the complete Circle Dock Package.

Gallery Is Here:

Circle Dock Gallery

If you have any questions or Comments: I can be found at the Circle Dock forums.

Thanks for the concept...Grazie


SGT. E. V. McKay

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