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Cianodock Released !


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Hi everyone,


a new version has been released: CianoDock ver 0.1b

-Now it's possible to create 320x320 backgrounds. Image larger than 320x320 will be resized.

-Changed the word "Hotkey" with "Visibility" in the Configure window

-Added the "Top most" option in the Configure window, so the user can decide if CianoDock has to be on the topmost or respect the Z order.

note: Everytime a new version is released, you have to overwrite: CianoDock.exe and the language folder. I suggest you always make a copy of the setting.ini file.


I made a little website for it! the link to download Ciano Dock is:


please read the README file for instructions.


I used to use circle dock before creating CianoDock, and after supporting different backgrounds, I found that some backgrounds included circledock looks beautiful in CianoDock like:

doublering01 - doublering02 and especially -> dual ring_glass

I can't include these inside CianoDock but you can download it on circledock website or just create your personal one!

p.s. You can add more languages to CianoDock (right now just english-italian) just make a copy of english.ini (inside the languages folder) and translate the few lines and at the end rename it with the name of the language you translated it. After you can send me the new translation file so I can include it on the next released ;)

to send the file just upload it on this forum!

p.s.s. If have any problems with it, install the Framework 2.0

Have fun!

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Well, I tried it on Windows 7 more, and a bit on Windows XP. Of course I'm open about suggestion, bugs, features. Anyway my focus is to have a nice and usefull and "fast" application launcher, so I don't want to make it sluggish adding more more and more. I just have in mind to make the support of some few widgets that will be on the center of the Dock. (but not right now)

The upcoming features is to add to the link menu "Open the application folder" that personally I think is very usefull! but efore of this features I wanna make the support of Drag&Drop folders. Right now when I drop some folder it retrieve the file inside! so I have to find a solution...

Anyway sorry for the late but I do it in my spare time, (I had to work!) and I could't release it just in italian, so I made the multilanguage support and I find a temporanely solution for the icons extracted from the dropped EXE.

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Didn't have a chance to try it out yet, but solid performance on XP and 7 would be a great goal to achieve. Also, I couldn't prioritize "Open Folder Location" more! Definitely please add that option. It's one of my most used 'shortcuts' for getting to the target's directory and would make your app so much more useful. It instantaneously eliminates the need for certain redundancy on the dock. ;)

Good luck with the development and please keep us informed of the progress. We love change logs over here ^^

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Nice but not yet really useful. Biggest bug so far was when you open the ciano dock config from the tray and then close it, the dock becomes half the size and the more you open and close the config window, the smaller the dock gets till you can't see it anymore.

Also I don't like that it is always on top of all windows. The dock does not want to go away at all unless I close the program.

Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service pack 3

AMD Athlon 64x2 dual processor 6000+ 3.1 Ghz, 2g ram

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Humm, interesting...I tried to do it like with a fresh setting(no groups) and open the config window, close and was ok. Then I add a group and did the same thing, and again ok. Add a second group, change icon and then open the config window again and it's ok. I dunno why it's doing it...I want to try on the windows XP.

Try to install the framework 2.0 and tell me.

I use it everyday with no problem. Anyway thanks for the feedback I'll check on other computers and see if that happen. If you could write me precisely the steps you did, I can see the problem.


I just tried on a old computer:

Windows XP Pro SP3

AMD 2800+ 2GHz

512 RAM

ATI Radeon 9700 256

Downloaded the file from the website, unzipped on a folder and run it. Everithing it's ok..this computer has the framework 2.0 installed anyway...should be this the problem? please try it and send me feedback. Else I'll write on the website that the framework has to be installed.

Ok I found that, that happen when the groups are less than 8, and try to go into the config panel and change language. But not all the times happen. Anyway I don't think you change settings all the time, so I think that isn't unusable just for this little bug, cuz if you don't go to the config window and you groups are less than 8 this will not happen. In fact, after that that happen, try to remove a group and the dock will have the normal size. Anyway it's a bug and tomorrow I'm going to fix. Else it works for me...

Try not to double post, use the edit function - mps69

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check on the first post about the new version...

GameBoyGB: I put it on the topmost becouse when you show it, is when you want to launch an application so it has to be on the top of everything. Most of the time CianoDock has to be hide (default ALT + >)

have a nce day.

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@lukas09, right-click the dock and select: "Add Group" (or something similarly worded.)

@ciano, hey,

I installed the new version on a Windows XP SP3 machine, Nvidia 9300 series, and when I launched the dock and added my first group, then tried to drag Firefox from the startmenu into that group, nothing seemed to happen. I read that you mentioned that sometimes the dock does not have focus and to try again so I kept trying. When it wouldn't seem to work, I tried dragging over another shortcut from the start menu to that same (empty) group, this time it worked. I tried firefox again into the group that now contained 1 shortcut, and still nothing appeared in that group, except now, the existing shortcut 'moved' over a space (as if it thought a new item was added, but only the space was reserved, but nothing tangible appearing. keep trying to add Firefox, and the shortcut in the group kept 'moving' as if things were being added, but not. If that makes sense.

Some suggestions:

Please change the defaut hotkey to something else. And please provide the user with other options besides "<" as the ALT modifier.

Please fix the dock focus issue when adding items to the dock. The dock should be able to accept input even if it's lost focus.

Please consider implementing things such as:

~ "Always on top" "Always on Bottom" and "Normal" layering.

~ focus on mouse-over. (possibly include option for: delay in milliseconds).

~ Close on focus away. Or: Close on mouse click away.

The above would make your dock truly work-flow oriented and very useful.

By the way, thanks for releasing this. Your animations are very smooth and it's a great start!

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I put CianoDock on my old computer (windows xp sp3...)

I installed Firefox just to try what you did. Well, I realize that, when you drag&drop any link from the start menu or "all programs menu" everything is ok also the Firefox that is inside "all programs" Instead It's impossible to add as a link the "default browser" link. Like if you set Firefox as the default browser. And this does not depend on me, I just create the Darg&Drop event, so if the language doesn't support it, it's kinda hard to do it ;) anyway try to drad the firefox link inside the "all progrms" menu.

About the focus, I'm trying to make it more responsive...I'll find a way. The Software listen the draG&drop also if it loose the focus, the thing that does not listen is what key is pressed. In fact I force to set the focus to CianoDock as soon when you drop a file. I still have to polish it.

You can change in everytime the hotkey to show/hide CianoDock, just go to the setting window, there is a label that says "hotkey" chose your combination and push one keyborad key you desire. (remeber before you press a button key just click on CianoDock)

I'm trying to fix this little annoing things in my spare time, so I'm sorry for now. Anyway when you finish to set it up, it works like charm. I use it everyday.

I'll add the option to choose from Topmost, Bottom, or normal, lately.

If you realized I add the "Open location folder" as you wanted ;)

Have a nice day and plese report other akword behaviour.

P.S. Please read the README file completely so you'll know all the functionability and limitations.

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Congratulations, it seems to be a great application !

But Ciano, I have a big problem, I just launched it and tried to add a group then some applications (*.exe files) but nothing appeared in the dock... I tried to add a shortcut, an *.exe without creating a group,...no success.

Can you help me please ?


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Sorry, I was out for this week-end.

Well your problem it's very weird. I'm currentrly using Win7 7100 and also the 7600 and everuthings works. The first thing that came in my mind is, for create new links you do not have to hold CTRL key if you do not do that, well still weird.

Anyway I'm making a video where I show step by step about: downloading, installing it, built groups, links changing icons and backgrounds (and create new one).

patient a little bit when I'll finish this tutorial video so it can guide you about using it. also I'm working so I'm doing it on my spare time)

Thanks about using CianoDock and reporting bugs.

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Ok guys!

some news...

Change log:


Two Important Bug were fixed!

- Impossible to add groups when you first launch CianoDock (Cooljojo and everyone download it and didn't work will be happy, sorry about it)

- Dosn't update the group name when you renamae it.

I made a little tutorial that shows how to install & use CianoDock. You can find it on the bottom of the webpage.


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Change log:


Release 0.1c

Important release!

- add a check to prevent that the dock become streched

- Cianodock now support folders!!! to add a folder just drag&drop it on a group

- Now to change an icon or the background (except for the links), you don't need to hold CTRL.



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