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Changing Common Places (explorer Sidebar) And Explorer Text Color On Mouseover And Pressed

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Hi everyone,

I allready posted this in vista discussion but I didn't have any answer.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the common places (Explorer sidebar in vista) and explorer font color on mouseover and pressed. Normally I changed it from the VARIANT/NORMAL ressource from aero.msstyles with a HEX editor and reshacker, but when I apply a WB skin the text doesn't change. I want to change them to white while the mouse is over and pressed or when the item is selected. I'm not using FindeXer but the normal sidebar from windows explorer.Btw, does anyone knows how to focus borders in the text box like mac for vista, with WB themes??? Like focusin from Matonga does!!

Thanks for the help!!!

I'm running vista 32 SP1.

Another topis isn't required, as and when someone has an answer they will let you know - Locked - mps69


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