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Bootcamp, But For Pc

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yes, I know that, but that's still not totally legal stuff, like bootcamp ... windows should have a program similar to bootcamp, and the original mac os x should dual boot easily with this,and without the need of patching mac os x, like osx86project describes..

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Simple: The reason for Mac OS X being superior to Windows is that the Apple OS is programmed only for the specific Hardware of Apple computers. Windows however needs to be compatible to an incredibly wide range of hardware setups and is therefore a lot more compeicated and unstable/slow.

Making Mac OS X availiable for every computer would destroy this mayor advantage of the OS.

So it IS possible to boot "vanilla" OS X DVD's with PCEFI, however only with hardware similar to that in the Apple computer product line.

So no, there is no equivalent to Bootcamp for PC, and that is good that way.

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