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I plan on releasing the iPhone version later this week for Invision Board 3. There will still be a few tweaks with the design of it, but the basic over all look and feel will be the same.

This will allow users of your site using the iPhone "only" (may support other "webkit" browsers later).


If you guys have any feedback feel free to post here. I can't give any firm dates on a phpbb or vbulletin version right now.

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Was a few things...

- I did not like the direction vbulletin was heading (see vbulletin 4 as an example... it looks like shit)

- IPB3 was around the corner (well 6months late :P) but finally came out and is pretty decent

- Other forums I help out at use ipb so its alot easier to skin 2 different sites on the same platform than going back and forth.

There will be a delay on the mobile skin, Its basically done, just a few things are required before releasing. So whenever I get the time to get around to it, it'll be out.

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